What Happens When You Pair Cool Roofs With Solar Panels?

Cool roofs and solar panels are some of the best sustainable technologies on the market, so you may be wondering what happens when you pair cool roofs with solar panels? Do the polar ice caps stop melting? Does the bee population being to thrive? Well, not quite, but they are a powerful combo! They complement each other and create a unified system to increase your home’s energy efficiency and decrease your monthly bills.

Cool roofs do an excellent job at reflecting the hash sun and drastically lower interior heat. While this reduces cooling and heating costs, you shouldn’t stop there. Instead of only reflecting the light, you can use the sun’s rays to power your home. Pairing a cool roof with solar panels and an energy storage system will keep your bills low and protect you in the event of a power outage.

Advantages of Pairing Them

Cool roofs lower the surrounding temperatures that cause excessive heat gain in your home. By including solar panels, you get an additional layer of protection to absorbs the heat. The shaded area between the panels and roof will be much cooler than non-shaded areas. The heat transferred from the rooftop to the interior of your home will be significantly reduced. It will improve your home’s comfort, and you’ll be less reliant on your air condition unit.

Incidentally, electricity rates are expected to rise in California, and homeowners need to protect themselves against these price hikes. Adding one sustainable technology to your home may not be enough. A multi-layered energy-efficient solution will help alleviate the rising costs and reduce your bills month-after-month. Instead of reflecting the sun’s energy, solar panels make use of it for your home. You’ll be free from the electric company’s rising rates, and you can say goodbye to monthly payments!

Solar panels on cool roof

We’re Here To Help

So, what happens when you pair cool roofs with solar panels? Your home becomes energy-efficient, remains cool during the summer and saves you money on your electricity bill every month! Not to mention you get to help out the environment and reduce your carbon footprint with clean and renewable energy. If you’d like to learn more or have any questions, Sunlight Solar is here to help! You can reach us by phone at (858) 360-8295 or contact us directly on our website. If you’re ready to take the first step towards an energy-efficient home, we offer a free preliminary estimate for your project!

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