How Solar Eliminates Utility Company Rate Increases Forever

Recently many California homeowners may have noticed utility company rate increases on their monthly bill. In the last two years, PG&E has gone through a lot of changes. They’ve declared bankruptcy, restructured their company, and lost revenue. These types of changes are costly, and unfortunately, the costs have been passed on to us. Recently they implemented an 8% increase for their customers, which California Public Utilities Commission approved. It will go into effect until the end of 2022, but this does not necessarily mean that the rates will go back down in 2023. Rising electricity prices aren’t solely applicable to PG&E but are forecasted to rise in the entire US for residential homes. 


So, is there any way to avoid this? Thankfully, there is! Going solar and producing electricity yourself will not only help you avoid these rising costs but will allow you to do your part in helping out the environment. 


Take Control of Your Electricity Rates

With utility company rate increases coming up, there’s no guarantee they’ll ever go back down. Luckily you have the option to take control of your rates and not let corporations dictate how much you pay. While there is an upfront cost of installing solar panels, it takes an average of 7 years to pay them off from the money you save on your energy bills. After they’re paid off, you’re saving money, month after month! The only associated costs are for maintenance, which is a minimal amount. While others are stuck paying electricity companies for their life, you can break free from energy cost price hikes and monthly payments!


You’re Helping the Environment

In addition to saving money, solar is an energy source you can feel good about. When it comes to going green, solar is as green as it gets! It’s not extracted from the earth like fossil fuels. It doesn’t have to be transported from another location and doesn’t release any poisonous gas or air pollution. The sun is giving us free energy every day, so why not use it!


Solar panels on roof

Choose Sunlight Solar

If you want to avoid utility company rate increases, go solar! It’s one of the greenest, most cost-effective, and environmentally sustainable choices you can make. If you’re ready to make the switch and add solar to your home, we’re happy to answer any questions! You can reach us by phone at (858) 360-8295 or contact us directly on our website. We can even provide you with a free preliminary quote!






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