Will Solar Work on My Roof?

If you’re thinking about going solar, you are probably wondering if your roof is suitable for solar panels in the first palace. While solar systems can be installed in almost any type of roof, there are other factors that need to be considered as well. This blog will go over the factors you need to consider to determine whether or not solar will work on your roof.

Although it might seem that solar energy is for everybody, there are many roofs that are not suitable for solar panel installation. There are four main factors that determine if your roof is a good fit for solar or not. The four factors include the following:


The orientation of your home is a key determinant of whether or not your home is apt for a solar panel system. Ideally, your home should have a south-facing-roof. For homes located in the northern hemisphere (north of the equator), south-facing roofs are the best for maximizing the amount of sunlight your solar system collects. The more sunlight it collects, the better more electricity you’ll produce, and the quicker you can start seeing a return on your investment. You can still mount a solar system to your roof if it faces west or east; however, it will produce less energy compared to that of a south-facing one. For people that live in homes with flat roofs, the panels can easily be engineered to face south.


Another critical factor to consider if deciding to go solar is whether your roof gets shade. The roof segments where the solar system will be installed should be free of shade for the majority of the day, as the shade can significantly reduce electric production. Things you should look out for that can be a cause for shading on your roof includes the following:

  • Trees
  • Chimneys
  • Dormers
  • HVAC Vents


If you’re unsure if your roof gets shade or not, your solar installer can use a solar pathfinder tool to determine if trees or other objects will cast shade throughout the day. If your home is getting shade due to a tree, you can fix the problem by simply taking down the tree.


The surface of your roof is another important factor to consider. Solar panel systems are most efficient when installed in a long, uninterrupted space. Obstacles that can get in the way of a proper installation includes:

  • Chimneys
  • Skylights
  • Dormer Windows
  • Vents
  • Air Conditioning


If your roof is over 15 years old, it may not be in condition for a solar panel installation. In this case, you would have to consider replacing your roof before going solar. This can be quite a hassle as you’ll need to hire a roofing company to do your roofing and another to install your solar system. However, at Sunlight Solar, we make it easy for homeowners. We offer both solar system installations and roof replacement services if needed. If you’re looking to go solar, but your roof isn’t, then there’s nothing to worry about. We can replace your roof before putting up your new solar system. Our roofing specialists install many different types of shingle roofing, the most popular being:

  • TruDefinition Duration Shingles
  • TruDefinition Duration COOL Shingles
  • Duration Premium Cool Shingles

Solar energy is a great investment that people should deeply consider; however, not all homes are suitable for it. That is why it is crucial that you consider your roof’s orientation, shading, surface, and durability before deciding to install a solar panel system. We hope this blog helped you determine if solar will work on your roof. If so, then give Sunlight Solar a call at (858) 360-8295 or contact us by visiting our website.

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