Why Spring is the Best Time to Go Solar

The warm weather is here! Installing a solar system in the spring is the perfect way to begin your solar journey without owing anything. The spring allows you to take advantage of the longer days and more sunshine for maximum energy harvesting. With the extra sunshine during the spring and summer months, some solar systems even over-produce electricity, giving you the opportunity to sell back your excess energy. You’ll begin to see remarkable results and savings with your new investment on day one, making spring the best time to go solar.

Saves You Money

When you install your solar system in the spring, it will help you offset the high energy bills during the summer because of increased air conditioner use. Summer has the highest production rate for energy, so your system will give you a jump on substantial savings for you when the weather gets hot. With solar becoming more popular, states are reducing their solar incentives, but if you install your system soon, you can still benefit from rebates and deals from your utility company.

Best Time for Home Improvements

Spring is one of the best seasons for home improvement projects. The nice weather makes installing windows, doors, roofs, and solar systems easy. Without the cold or snow on or around your house, jobs can get done significantly quicker and better. It’s also a popular season for real estate. Whether you’re revamping your home or if you just bought a new one, installing solar can help increase the property value should you ever consider selling. The average solar system can add at least $20,000 to your home’s value. That’s significantly more than the net cost of the system! If you plan on replacing or repairing your roof in the spring, you should also consider adding solar panels since you’ll already have someone up there.

Solar provides you with energy for your home while helping you save money and be more environmentally friendly. And spring showers won’t hurt your solar production because solar systems are designed to generate electricity every day, even on the gray and overcast ones, with the UV rays that appear through the clouds.

Go Solar in Spring

Spring is the best time to go solar because the longer days and extra sunlight allow you to save big on costs and energy. Get a jump on preparing your home for the summer and install a solar system with Sunlight Solar Inc. Call us at (858) 564-8032 or check out our website to request a quote today!

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