Why Solar Energy is the Best Investment for Your Family

There are many reasons why investing in solar energy for your home is a good thing. Many of those reasons directly benefit your family. Solar will provide you with energy for your home and lower your monthly energy bills, leaving you more money to spend on enjoyable activities that your family can do together. Encouraging everyone to participate in making family decisions and achieving family goals is a great family activity. Setting and achieving short-term goals toward the long-term goal of energy independence can become an enjoyable family activity. Each family member can contribute to the energy-saving goal, even if it’s something as small as choosing to have ice cream at home instead of going to a shop. This blog will explore why solar energy is the best investment for your family and how you can save together.

Physical and Economic Health

Low-income families stand to save the most when they switch to solar power. One reason is that energy costs consume a larger share of earnings for low-income families. For example, a $200 monthly energy bill represents 10% of the total income for someone earning $24,000 annually. For someone earning $48,000 per year, the same $200 monthly energy bill represents only 5% of their total income. When families use solar, they pay less of their total income for energy costs and can even earn money by selling their extra energy.

The highest-priced real estate is usually far from power plants and manufacturing, leaving low-income communities closer to these areas. These families are more likely to be negatively affected by pollution from fossil fuels. This can cause health issues, including higher rates of asthma and other illnesses. When you increase your family’s level of health, you also reduce health care costs. Several government programs and non-profit organizations can help with some of the most common barriers families face on their way to energy independence.

Community Building

Families are often only as strong as the communities they are a part of, and investing in solar energy strengthens local communities. Community solar projects are becoming more popular and more successful than ever. Communities can work together to achieve staggering megawatts of operational capacity that save money for thousands of residents every month. Commercial customers then enjoy the savings, which results in funds to create new jobs. The solar industry adds jobs that add to the economy every year. Those added jobs represent an industry growth rate almost 12 times faster than the overall economy.

Solar installers require training and skill, making them the highest-paid job within the fossil fuel industry. One of the greatest benefits for local communities of solar-related jobs is that no one can outsource them. It isn’t possible to assign solar panel installation to someone working in a call center in India. While providing jobs and strengthening local economies, the solar power industry also benefits the local environment. One solar panel is estimated to eliminate three to four tons of carbon emissions yearly, like planting roughly 100 trees.

Emergency Preparedness

Global warming caused by fossil fuel emissions is increasing the number of natural disasters worldwide. New technology always creates social change, and the challenge has always been to maximize the positive capabilities of technology while minimizing the negative effects. In the case of an emergency, the neighborhood will depend on those whose power source is off the grid. Having the aid of resources that run on solar power can help limit the hardships and loss of lives during global and national emergencies. There is no way to request assistance or coordinate rescue efforts when there is no power. Fortunately, solar power companies can donate solar panels and batteries to power hospitals and other places that can help during emergencies.

Energy Independence and Community Interdependence

From keeping in touch with loved ones to coordinating life-saving disaster relief efforts, the internet demonstrates the degree to which we are all interconnected. It also reinforces how we sometimes depend upon that interconnectedness for our survival. Investing in solar energy doesn’t just benefit you and your immediate family – it expands the definition of family and includes members of the surrounding community. Over time, as more people begin investing in solar energy and learn to depend more on themselves and each other, it will continue to expand until it includes all the members of our human family.

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There are many reasons why solar is the best investment for your family in terms of health, economic flourish, community building, being prepared in case of a disaster, and becoming energy independent. Installing solar panels with Sunlight Solar, Inc. will help bring these benefits to you and your family. Call us at (858) 564-8032 or check out our website for a FREE quote today!

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