Tips for a Successful Solar Panel Installation

There are multiple ways that you can prepare your home for a successful solar panel installation. Solar Panels will run successfully when they are maintained and taken care of correctly. Our Sunlight Solar team came up with tips for a successful solar panel installation that our customers can look over before getting their solar systems installed.

Eliminate Shade & Debris

Since solar panels need the sun’s energy to power your home, it is a good idea to remove any tree branches hanging over your roof or debris that could block sunlight for the solar panels. If there are areas around your home that might be shading the area where your solar panels will be placed, reach out to our technicians at Sunlight Solar, who can come out and assist you with any of your solar panel or roof needs.

Use Energy Efficient Appliances

Upgrading to solar panels will help decrease your energy bill and make you more eco-friendly. However, you can still do more to help reduce your energy consumption and ensure that your solar panels conserve the most energy for your home. Consider upgrading your incandescent lighting to LED bulbs and making your appliances energy efficient as well. If you’re looking to start living a solar lifestyle, call or go online to schedule a solar panel installation project with Sunlight Solar.

Add a Backup Battery

One vital tip for a successful solar panel installation is making sure to add a backup battery. Without a battery, any energy you don’t use on any day will go back to the power grid. However, with a storage battery, you can store that extra energy so that you can use it when you need, while also saving money on your electric bill.

Monitor Your Energy Usage & Your Utility Bills

When investing in a solar lifestyle, keeping track of your utility bills is crucial for saving money. You should also get your energy usage information from your energy provider to see exactly where your energy is going. This energy report will show you if you’re provided the best efficiency from your electrical system while using a solar system.

Limit Your Energy Consumption

To make sure that your solar panels provide you the best energy for your home, you should reduce your energy consumption. This means, for example, that you shouldn’t run the dryer and the washing machine simultaneously. Using one appliance at a time prevents you from using too much power and taking too much energy from your solar panels, along with increasing your electric bill. If you have any solar questions or want to know more tips on installing solar panels, talk to one of our Sunlight Solar crew members.

Why You Should Use Sunlight Solar

When investing in a solar system, it is essential to remember these simple tasks to make sure that your solar panels are running correctly and efficiently. These tips for a successful solar panel installation should give you an idea of what a solar lifestyle looks like and how you can prepare for it. If you’re ready to go solar, give us a call at (858) 360-8295, or click here to contact us today!

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