Things to Know Before Putting Solar Panels on Your Roof

It has been over a decade since solar power started sweeping across the United States. Today, it’s becoming the preferred choice of energy due to its ability to eliminate electricity bills and decrease one’s carbon footprint. Solar power has only been getting more efficient to use and cheaper to acquire, which is great news for anyone seriously considering making the switch. However, before going solar, there are a few things you need to know before putting solar panels on your roof. This article will go over the things you should double-check to ensure your home is apt for solar panels.

Can your Roof Support Solar Panels?

When it comes to residential solar panels, we all know that they’re placed on the roof of your home. However, before commencing the project, you should ask your solar installer whether your roof is structurally sound or not. Will it be in need of renovation in a couple of years? You need to clear this up as soon as possible because if your roof is in bad shape, it will require renovation. Depending on the condition of your roof, it will either demand repairs, or a complete roof replacement. If this is the case, Sunlight Solar offers both roof replacement and solar installation services. This makes the process easier and more efficient. Solar panel arrays are heavy and require proper bolt-in installations that are aimed at long-term maintenance-free purposes, so ensuring that your roof can support them is essential.

Does Your Roof Get Sunlight All Day Long?

It’s important that you make sure that your roof doesn’t get shade all day. Solar requires sunlight, and if your home isn’t getting enough of it, then it won’t be worth the investment. If the causes of your home not getting sunlight are factors such as trees, then you could consider removing or trimming them.

House with giant tree

Upkeep Your Yard

Remember to envision how your yard will look in a couple of years. Will your tree grow to shade your roof? Or will your leafy oaks spread to obstruct sunlight for solar panels? If so, be prepared to give your backyard a little trimming every so often. Solar panels do a lot for your homes, so don’t hinder their max potential by having a badly kept yard!

Is Your Solar Installer Trustworthy?

The professionalism and expertise of your solar installer will greatly affect the success and return on investment of your solar energy system. Expert solar installers know how inclined your solar panels need to be to meet the maximum sunlight. If you get a bad solar installer, you might miss getting the maximum sunlight possible if they miss details like these. There are many things that go into play when it comes to solar panel installations, and getting an experienced solar installer to do the job will bring you the most bang for your money.

Solar panels bring homeowners many great benefits, such as the ability to eliminate their electric bill, reduce their carbon footprint, and be self-reliant on energy. We hope this list of things you need to know before putting solar panels on your roof helps you see whether your home is ready for solar. Whether you need to replace your roof or are ready to start installing solar panels, Sunlight solar can help! Our experienced team of experts are the reliable solar installers you need for the best solar panel installation. To get started, give us a call at (858) 360-8295 or contact us directly on our website.

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