The Benefits of Enphase Battery Backup

Enphase Batteries are backup power batteries that help homeowners save on energy costs. The batteries provide several benefits and feature technologies to track your home’s energy usage. If you are curious about the benefits of Enphase Battery backup, this article will further elaborate on what an Enphase Battery can do for you. Keep reading to find out more!

Solar Energy Can Be Unreliable

Like most energy sources, solar energy is not always reliable, and storing that energy when not in use can be challenging. The energy you get from your solar panels also fluctuates because of the time of day, changes in weather, cloud conditions, and other factors. This energy fluctuation means you will need multiple batteries to store excess energy, so you have it when energy is lacking. Large, inefficient batteries will eat up your resources and could increase your electric bill rather than decrease it. The average US electric customer uses 10,715 Kilowatt-hours (kWh) every year. You would need a massive battery weighing more than a ton to store that energy, so you have it when you aren’t getting solar power.

What Are Enphase Backup Batteries and How Do They Work?

Enphase Batteries are a cluster of batteries accompanying most solar panel systems. They are a way to store the energy that your solar panels create. Enphase backup systems use a technique called “all-in-one-AC-coupled storage systems.” This system increases the homeowner’s solar self-consumption, then saves as much as possible by using solar energy.

AC Coupled Storage System

Enphase Batteries use a unique configuration known as Alternating Current (AC) coupled. This configuration means the batteries are manufactured with a unique micro-inverter that converts Direct Current (DC) into AC power. AC power is essential for electronic devices like computers, smartphones, and most other technology found in most homes.

The Benefits of Enphase Battery Backup

Lithium Iron Phosphate LFP

Enphase batteries use Lithium Iron Phosphate instead of traditional lithium-ion batteries. This material gives Enphase Batteries more longevity, and the batteries are less likely to experience lithium buildup, fire risk, and degradation. Less degradation means the Enphase Batteries will have better storage capacity over time. They also have no moving parts that will break over time. Solar panel systems that use Enphase ensembles for battery storage will get much more value.

 How Do Enphase Batteries Work?

Enphase batteries store excess solar energy above what you currently consume in an Enphase backup grid. That stored energy stays in the grid for later use. Depending on your daily usage, you may need to tap into the energy stored the night before. Your most significant spike of incoming solar energy from your solar energy system will come at midday. The sun is at its highest point, and your family will be out of the house at work or school, so there will be excess energy for your Enphase Batteries to store. Your battery will fill up, and you can begin exporting energy back to the grid and save yourself money. In the evenings, house members’ energy usage will spike, and you won’t get any solar energy because the sun will be down. At this time, you’ll use the energy stored in your batteries.

Increasing the Effectiveness of your Solar Panels

Without a good backup battery, you will run out of stored solar energy and have to use power from your grid to compensate. Using grid power during peak power time will increase your power cost because grid power prices go up during peak usage hours.

The Benefits of Enphase Battery Backup

Enphase Battery Benefits

Performance Monitoring

Because Enphase Batteries contain micro-inverters throughout the battery, making it easier to get a more accurate sense of how well the battery is performing. You can track individual panel performance from your smartphone and get notifications when your power is less than it should be. You will see the fluctuation of energy performance on a cloudy day versus a sunny day and notifications if your system has potential problems.


Enphase Batteries have safer, more reliable components, ensuring they last longer than traditional solar batteries. This reliable tendency means they will perform better in adverse outdoor weather conditions. The batteries contain a semiconductor designed to handle points of failure and have passive cooling technology to deal with overheating. Enphase batteries are NEMA 3-rated and certified for practical use in outdoor spaces.

Purchase Enphase Batteries with Sunlight Solar Inc.!

Backup batteries are crucial for the future of solar energy. Whether you use a hybrid or other solar energy system, they are a great backup plan for when solar isn’t so reliable. They will save you money on your electric bill and make your energy usage more efficient, positively impacting the planet and the people around them. If you are curious about Enphase Batteries, contact our experts at Sunlight Solar Inc.! Call (858) 564-8032 or click here for more information.   

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