Solar and the Holidays

Are you looking to spruce up your solar panels this holiday season? Do you want to purchase solar panels before the new year as a gift for your family? Then installing a solar energy system in your home is the perfect present for you and your family this year! We are a local Southern California Solar Company, helping homeowners with affordable means to lower their electric bills and protect the environment. Are you thinking about solar and the holidays this season? Choose Sunlight Solar for all of your solar needs during the holidays!

Keep Nighttime Energy Usage as Low as Possible

Ensuring that you turn unnecessary lights and appliances off before going to bed at night saves you a great deal of energy. This will not only save you money on your energy bills, but you are also being more energy-efficient and more conscious of your energy usage. If you’re looking to become more energy-efficient, then reach out to our Sunlight Solar experts to get started!

Educate Temporary House Guests

When guests or family members are staying over, it is essential to keep them updated on how your solar energy system works. Remind them to take showers, cook, wash clothing, and charge tablets and other technology items during the day. This will save you energy by doing this during the day and then making sure to unplug and turn off your things at night.

Maximize Your Appliance Energy

Think about using your toaster oven or microwave for smaller food items. Save your oven and stove top for larger items and bigger meals. This also goes for doing laundry and dishes in your home since doing multiple smaller loads uses up a lot of energy. Consider doing one or two large loads of laundry once or twice every week and dry your clothes on low heat to save energy, fill up your entire dishwasher, and use low or no heat for the wash cycle!

Holiday Light Facts

Switching your holiday lights to LED lights can save you a significant amount of money this holiday season! According to the U.S. Department of Energy, holiday LED lights use around 75 percent less energy and last at least 25 times as long as incandescent light bulbs! If you think upgrading to solar might be the perfect option for you this holiday season, then call or go online to speak to one of our professional Sunlight Solar technicians that can easily accommodate you and your home just in time for the holidays!

How Sunlight Solar Can Help Your Home!

Are you ready to be more energy-efficient and install a solar energy system in your home? We offer solar panels, inverters, racking systems, and other components that manufacturers make with the best reputation and warranties to make sure we are protecting our customers’ financial investment. If you’re ready to go solar, give Sunlight Solar a call at (858) 360-8295, or click here to contact us today!

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