Questions to Ask Before Installing Solar Panels

You’re considering switching to solar. You’ve decided that it’s the best investment because of the money you’ll save during your homeownership. You’ve also decided you want to do your part and use a cleaner energy resource in your home. The last step before installation is making sure you know everything about the process and whether or not it’s the right move for you. Hiring the best installers will have an impact on your overall solar experience. So, we’ve listed questions to ask before installing solar panels to see if your home is suitable for a system. To select the right company, you have to know what to ask.

Is My Roof Suitable for Solar?

It is an assumption that all roofs are suitable for solar panels. Some roofs aren’t compatible with solar, and a trustworthy installation service will tell you if yours is or isn’t when you ask. Some roofs are too steep to hold panels well. If you live in the northern hemisphere, you will find that solar panels work best on roofs that face south. If there is a lot of shade around your roof blocking the sunlight, then solar panels will not work effectively on your roof. Your installers can point out anything that would hinder solar panels from working effectively. Then you can establish if you can remove them or if solar panels aren’t for you.

Do You Offer Alternative Mounting Systems?

If you do not have enough space on your roof, you can add pole mounts to hold your panels. These free-standing adjustable poles can be moved twice a year for optimal angles during summer and winter. They also include trackers that adjust the solar panel to the sun’s position in the sky. The trackers are more expensive because they move to follow the sun’s light, but they could be worth investing in to get the most power.

As a Solar Installation Service, How Do You Size Your Solar Panel System?

A prospective installer will first ask you about your household’s average energy consumption. This information will help determine the size of the system that will be best for your needs. A good quality solar company will look at your home energy usage patterns, the orientation of your roof, how much your utility company charges for electricity, and the max amount of energy you’ll export to the grid. If a solar company says they can size your system with a simple calculation and not the mentioned information, it might be best to choose a different company.

Are You a Licensed Solar Company, and How Much Industry Experience Do You Have?

Always make sure that the company you are thinking of hiring has a solar installation license from the county and state you’re asking them to do work in. You also want to make sure that they are insured and bonded. Knowing how long they have been in the industry ensures that you aren’t one of their first clients and a guinea pig for their first installation. The more experience they have, the more reliable a company they are.

Will You Thoroughly Inspect My Roof?

A good solar contractor should thoroughly inspect your roof to ensure that they recommend the correct system size for you. They should also check the roof for any issues to be resolved before safely installing the panels. If you have an older roof in less than average condition, you might have to have a roof replacement done before installing your panels.

What If My System Doesn’t Generate as Much Energy as Expected?

When a solar installation company promises that your system will produce a certain amount of energy each year, always ask them what happens if the panels don’t meet those expectations. Your installers will either add extra panels free of charge or reimburse you if this happens. It’s crucial you understand your options, should that situation arise, before proceeding with your installation.

What if My Needs Change Over the Next Few Years?

Things happen, which means some of your solar needs might change over time. You could potentially add more people or rooms to your home, meaning you will need more energy. Talk to your installer about any possible changes that could happen in the upcoming years so that they can figure out the best solution. They may suggest purchasing a big enough system to cover the potential added usage.

What Happens If I Move While Leasing a System?

You want to know what you will be responsible for should you decide to move while leasing a solar system. Typically, you can transfer the lease to the new homeowners once they are approved to move into the home.

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