Is it Worth Getting Battery Storage with Solar Panels?

Given the surge in energy costs and the growing global focus on combating rising temperatures and reducing carbon emissions, numerous homeowners are not surprised to embrace domestic solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Opting for solar panels to generate renewable energy offers homeowners a range of advantages, including cost savings, enhanced control and reliability of energy supply, and heightened sustainability.

What is Solar Battery Storage?

Solar batteries enable the storage of excess electricity produced by your solar PV system during sunny periods, allowing you to utilize it during times of higher energy demand, such as at night. This is especially beneficial as it prevents the surplus energy from being fed into the National Grid. Integrating a solar battery into your system is a highly effective method of preserving and leveraging renewable energy, optimizing your home’s energy utilization.

How Does a Solar Battery Work?

Solar PV battery systems operate by storing excess electricity generated from solar panels in the form of direct current (DC). This surplus energy is then used to charge the battery. When energy demand in the home surpasses the solar panels’ output, the stored energy in the battery is tapped into to fulfill the additional energy needs. Additionally, many solar batteries are equipped with inverters that convert DC into alternating current (AC), effectively allowing the stored energy to power household appliances, lighting, heating, and other electrical devices. Some solar batteries are designed to seamlessly integrate with solar PV systems, sharing inverters to streamline energy conversion.

Is it Possible for Solar Panels to Function Without the Need for Battery Storage?

Certainly! A solar PV system can operate autonomously without requiring a solar battery installation. Nonetheless, incorporating a battery storage solution offers the advantage of optimizing the utilization of the generated green energy by minimizing wastage and reducing the amount of power fed back into the National Grid.

Advantages of Choosing Solar Battery Storage

  • Freedom from reliance on grid energy
  • Enhanced control over energy supply and consumption
  • Reduced environmental impact through a smaller carbon footprint
  • Minimized wastage of renewable energy resources
  • Opportunity to earn income by exporting surplus energy to the National Grid
  • Cost savings on energy bills due to reduced reliance on external suppliers
  • Progress towards achieving an ‘off-grid’ lifestyle
  • Decreased inconvenience from power outages
  • Compatibility for retrofitting batteries to existing solar PV systems
  • Contribution to building a net-zero future and reducing dependence on fossil fuels

What is the Appropriate Size of Solar Battery Required for My Needs?

Typically, a single solar battery suffices for most households. However, your system’s energy production capacity, usage patterns, location, and budget may require additional batteries. An average three-bedroom home typically requires an 8kWh solar battery, but consulting with your installer will provide personalized guidance on the optimal solution.

How much Does a Solar Panel Battery Cost? Several Factors Can Impact the Price:

  • The capacity, brand, and model of the battery.
  • Integrating batteries into an existing solar PV system might result in higher costs.

It’s crucial to note that not all batteries provide backup functionality during power outages. Many budget-friendly or entry-level batteries lack this feature, and if backup capability is a priority, you may need to invest slightly more in your installation. As with most investments, the larger, higher-specification batteries will be more expensive but enable you to store more energy and save money on your bills.

Whether it’s worth getting battery storage with solar panels depends on various factors, including your energy needs, budget, and priorities. Solar panels offer significant benefits such as cost savings, energy independence, and environmental sustainability. However, integrating battery storage can further optimize your energy utilization, reduce wastage, and provide backup power during outages, albeit at an additional cost. The decision should be based on thoroughly assessing your requirements and goals, considering factors like system size, battery capacity, brand, and functionality. Investing in solar battery storage can be a strategic move towards long-term energy efficiency and savings and contribute to a greener future.

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