How to Reduce Your Energy Consumption

Our customers always ask us questions regarding their electrical energy consumption. Some ask, ‘How can I reduce energy consumption in my home?’ ‘What consumes the most electricity?’ ‘What is the easiest way to save energy in my home?’ We decided to write a blog answering these three frequent questions so you can have a clear understanding of how to reduce your energy consumption at home. 

Easy Steps to Reduce Energy Consumption

Here are some easy steps you can do to start reducing your energy consumption:

  1. Replace all the light bulbs in your home
  2. Use a programmable or smart thermostat
  3. Buy energy-efficient appliances and electronics for your home and unplug them when you are not using them
  4. Use smart power strips instead of regular extension cords
  5. Reduce your water heating expenses

What Consumes the Most Electricity in Your Home?

Did you know your air conditioner and heater consume 46% of your electricity? Your water heater consumes 14%, your appliances consume 13%, and the lighting in your home consumes 9%. Lastly, your electronic equipment consumes 4%. The rest varies from home to home, depending on people’s preferences. 

Significant Steps to Reduce Energy Consumption

You can live a more sustainable lifestyle by taking these significant steps to reduce energy consumption:

  1. Installing energy-efficient windows 
  2. Upgrading your HVAC system
  3. Washing your clothes in cold water instead of hot water
  4. You can even build a home with special construction materials

Of course, some of these recommendations are easier to complete than others. Still, the main point we want homeowners to take away is to adjust your day to day behaviors or completely change your lifestyle to align with these steps.

You might be thinking, ‘What about my electrical bill? How can I reduce that?’ Your utility company charges you for all of your energy consumption, regardless if it is low or high or if you adjust your day to day behavior. Rates are increasing every day, they just let you know each month in a compelling statistical manner. But do you really understand your electric bill? 

If you want to pay the same amount of money for your electric bill in the coming years, you would have to do things like use less light every day, watch TV three days a week instead of five days a week, and so on. Even if you adjust your day-to-day behavior, you will get to a point where you will have the same energy consumption but a higher electric bill because rates are always increasing.

Freeze Your Energy Rate

This leads us to the concept of solar energy… Let’s compare this to the trade market, but instead, we’re talking about exchanging energy for energy. Are you with me? Going solar has everything to do with your day-to-day behavior but with a different strategy. 

With solar, you will be able to consume energy and pay the utility company with energy too. That is what we call freezing your energy rate. Yes, we want to encourage you to adjust your behavior to be smarter with your energy consumption. But most of all, we want you to freeze your monthly payments by going solar. 

Going solar is an investment that can help not only your finances but for the environment too. Did you know the State of California offers 26% federal tax credit? Financing companies also encourage homeowners to go solar by offering no payments for the next 12 months. 

At Sunlight Solar, we want you to save up to 70% on your power bill with NO down payments. So what are you waiting for? Reduce your energy consumption with another perspective. Solar adds value not only to your house but to your life. Save money. Take control. Go green!

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