How Much Does Solar Cost in San Diego?

While solar panels can reduce your overall spending on energy during your lifetime, there are some major upfront costs to consider. The average cost of installing solar panels is $3.05 per watt. With the average system size tallying in at 6 kilowatts, this means that the average solar panel system cost in San Diego County is around $12,810 after tax credits are applied.

The cost of panels only continues to fall as the technology becomes more advanced and cheaper to produce. Additionally, in 2020 the federal solar tax credit (ITC) deducts up to 26% from the total cost. This makes the solar panels much more affordable than they have ever been before.

Factors that Impact the Cost of Solar Panels


  1. System Size and Quality

The most obvious factor that impacts the cost of solar panels in San Diego is the size of the system you purchase. Generally speaking, the larger the solar panel array, the more costly it will be. However, this doesn’t always translate to increased energy savings. The quality of the solar panels you purchase as well as the type of hardware and accessory equipment you use can boost performance. Optimizing the efficiency of your solar panel system will depend on a variety of factors, including how much energy you use, the build of your roof, the weather conditions, and more.

  1. Labor Costs

Labor and transportation costs can impact the cost of solar panel installation. A good installation company will include its labor costs into the quote. However, these costs can vary dramatically depending on your location, the size of the array, and even the individual installation company. In order to get the best deal in San Diego, contact Sunlight Solar, Inc. at (858) 564-8032.

  1. Home Type

The build of your roof will influence the cost of the solar panels themselves, as well as how complex the installation process will be. If your roof is small, it may not be able to accommodate larger solar panel arrays, which will cost more. An optimal roof for housing solar panels has an average pitch that isn’t too steep or too shallow and is also oriented to face south or west. While solar panels can be installed on less-than-ideal roofs, it will decrease the efficiency of the system overall and lower your energy savings overall. Multi-tiered or oddly shaped roofs will drive up costs by making the installation process more complicated. Are you wondering if your roof would be able to accommodate solar? Contact us at (858) 564-8032 for a free evaluation.

  1. Location

While solar panel costs are relatively affordable everywhere in San Diego, your location will influence a number of factors that contribute to the overall cost and efficiency of your system. The average cost per watt will vary even across Southern California. The climate of your area can also influence the kind of equipment needed to optimize your solar panels, as well as the returns you will receive on your investment overall.

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