How Many Years Will My Solar Panels Generate Energy?

Are you interested in going solar? Then you know going solar is a significant investment, which may lead you to wonder, “How many years will my solar panels generate energy?”

Studies show that solar panels can last anywhere between 30 to 40 years. However, this doesn’t mean they will completely stop working after a few decades. This just means that their production levels will slowly start to decrease.

Fortunately, new technology in newer solar panels are showing amazing results and can outperform previous solar models.

How to Ensure Long-Lasting Solar Panels

Go Solar with Sunlight Solar

At Sunlight Solar, Inc., we’ll help you eliminate your energy bill! We offer high-performing solar panels at affordable rates to help you shape the future for a brighter and more efficient tomorrow. Not to mention, we are Southern California’s leading, full-service solar energy provider!

Keep Solar Panels Debris-Free

It’s important to make sure your solar panels are debris-free. Look out for things such as leaves, dirt, bird droppings, and broken branches. If your solar panels become damaged, be sure to call us to have them fixed, so your energy needs are not interrupted!

Monitor Your Solar Panels

Although solar panels require little to no maintenance, it’s best to monitor your system to ensure their longevity. If you are interested in receiving a detailed report on how much energy your solar panel system is producing, ask us about solar monitoring options. In most cases, we will provide you daily performance reports for free.

We hope this blog helped inform you of how many years your solar panels will generate energy. So what are you waiting for? Reduce your energy consumption with another perspective. Solar adds value not only to your house but to your life. Save money. Take control. Go green!

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