Factors That Impact the Efficiency of Solar Panels

Solar energy is one of the most accessible renewable sources of energy currently available. More and more homeowners are realizing that making use of the endless source of energy from the sun has numerous benefits that they are currently missing out on. These benefits include massive savings on energy costs, environmental conservation, and increased home value. However, in order to make the most out of your solar panel system, there are a few things you need to know. This blog will go over the major factors that impact the efficiency of solar panels and how you can ensure that you’re getting the full benefits of your system

The Angle of Your Roof

In any solar panel installation, it is important to angle the solar panels correctly so that they can get maximum exposure to the sun. This is usually not a problem if your roof is angled. However, if your roof is flat, your contractor may have to construct a scaffold in order to angle the panels correctly. The direction that your roof faces, also referred to as its azimuth angle, is one of the primary factors that determines how much sunshine your solar panels get throughout the day, so ensuring that they’re placed at the optimal angle is key!

Surrounding Entities

Surrounding entities around your property are huge factors that can impact the efficiency of your solar panels. Things like trees or nearby buildings can cast a shadow on your roof, mitigating its daily sunlight intake. If a solution is available, you should take action to fix it. For example, if tree branches are casting a shadow on your solar panel, you can give the tree a nice trimming.

House with trees

Structural Issues

While structural issues with your roof won’t directly affect the efficiency of your roof, it will prevent you from getting your solar panels installed. If your roof is aging, placing solar panels on them can be a safety hazard. You will have to deal with your roof replacement before getting your solar panel array installed. If you fail to do this, it will eventually lead to having to get the panels re-installed. Structural problems can also lead to the solar panels or wiring getting damaged.


Of course, the climate of your area will also affect the efficiency of your solar panels. Sun intensity, cloud covers, and heat build-up all include the amount of energy the panels produce. Fortunately, the climate of southern California is optimal for solar panels! Not having solar panels in California is almost a waste!


While solar panels don’t require much maintenance, giving them a periodic cleaning will help keep them as efficient as possible. Dirt, leaves, and other debris prevent the solar panels from getting the max amount of sunlight possible. A good rule of thumb is to clean them at least once every six months. Possibly more if they get dirty often.

Don’t be daunted by these considerations. A good solar contractor like Sunlight Solar will understand your home’s unique properties and help you ensure that your solar panels are the most efficient possible. We hope this blog helps you see the major factors that impact the efficiency of solar panels! If you’re ready to go solar, give us a call at (858) 360-8295, or click here to contact us today!

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