Can you use solar energy at any time of the year?

Can you use solar energy at any time of the year? Yes, if the sun is out, solar panels can produce electricity at any time of the year. The question we weren’t expecting to answer but certainly prepared for is: Can solar panels produce power at any time during a crisis?

When talking with our customers about solar production, we explain the two principal factors that produce power, which are: the tilt and the azimuth. However, due to the recent pandemic, there are now different factors that come into play for our customers: their finances and economic situation. 

The country’s economy, more specifically, the economy of the state of California, have undoubtedly been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, this is obvious, but for many people, installing solar panels in this current financial state does not seem realistic. Instead, many Californians are worrying about paying their debts, bills, and other daily expenses. 

We now face a more significant challenge with our clients and as a company.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on thousands of people. Words like ‘unemployment,’ ‘working from home,’ ‘homeschool,’ ‘uncertainty,’ ‘doubt,’ ‘social distance,’ etc. have been part of many daily conversations.

Do we have unemployed customers? Yes. Do we have customers concerned about social distancing? Yes. However, we still encourage people to go solar, even during a pandemic, because your loan payments are significantly lower than your monthly electric bill. 

Did you know California leads the nation for solar renewable energy? That is because the state provides policies to support low-interest loans for going solar. At the same time, solar offers home capital gain. It is satisfying for us to say that we have been taking care of our clients’ finances even before the pandemic. 

Can solar panels produce electricity on rainy or cloudy days? Yes, photovoltaic panels can produce anywhere between 10-25% of their optimal capacity. The exact amount will vary depending on how dark and heavy the rain and cloud cover is. 

Though they are most effective in direct sunlight, solar panels will still work even when the light is reflected or partially blocked by clouds. We also like the rain because it helps your panels operate efficiently by washing away any dust or dirt – consider it free self-maintenance. 

It is easy to think that direct sunlight provides the best conditions for the panel’s energy production; it is not so easy to expect that rainy days can also bring excellent conditions. 

What does this have to do with your finances? COVID-19 can seem like rainy days for many of us, poor in production, but think about it. Going solar is an investment – there’s NO down payment, no payments for the next 12 months, you get 26% of your tax credit next year, and you can save up to 70% on your power bill!

Let us help you in these trying times by taking care of your finances through solar energy. California leads the nation, let us lead it with poise and assertiveness together.

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