7 Signs Your Home is Perfect for Solar Panels

When you install solar panels, you live off sunshine in more than one way – it gives you and your home energy to function all day. Over the last few years, solar-paneled homes have gone up all over the United States. The millions of homes with solar panels on their roofs allow homeowners to reduce their carbon footprints and utility bills. Maybe it’s time to consider if solar panels are suitable for your home. Here are seven signs your home is perfect for solar panels.

1. Your Home Gets Direct Sunlight

Does your home receive direct sunlight throughout the day? If you said yes, you should think about installing solar panels. High amounts of sunshine make solar panels effective, and you can place them on any surface and derive your energy from them and the sun. Tree branches, shade, and overhanging objects prevent solar rays from hitting your panels, limiting electricity production. Your panels will work best if they receive direct sunlight. But this doesn’t mean that you need sunshine 24/7. On gray or overcast days, solar panels still produce between 10 and 25 percent of their standard output.

2. Your Roof Faces the Right Direction

The direction your roof faces determines how much sunlight it will catch and whether or not it’s a good roof for energy production. Since the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, you’ll miss a lot of sunlight if your panels face those directions. A southern-facing roof is the best roof for solar panels because it receives the most direct sunlight throughout the day. The constant stream of sunlight enables your panels to produce electricity constantly. Your panels should be level toward the sky to catch sunshine evenly. If you have a roof that slopes, your installer can usually tilt your panels at the perfect angle to absorb the most sunlight.

3. Your Roof Has the Right Materials

Even though installers can fit solar panels onto any roof, some are better for them than others. Wood, gravel, and cement tiles support panels well, whereas installers’ tools can break clay tiles and cedar. Metal roofs are probably the best for installation because of their seams. The seams are easy to drill into, and the base of your panels fit into them nicely. It is also helpful if your roof has gutters. Empty functioning gutters will catch the rainwater and snow that will fall off your panels during and after storms.

4. You Live in Mild Weather

To function correctly, solar panels need sunshine, but they do not need heat. If the weather is too hot, your panels become too hot and won’t produce electricity at a good rate. Panels contain substances like silicon that work best at moderate temperatures, so a mild climate is perfect for solar panels. While they don’t work the best in extremely hot weather, they can operate at almost total capacity in low and freezing temperatures.

5. You Qualify for Government Incentives

The federal government offers tax incentives for installing solar panels. If you install your system in 2022, you can claim 26 percent of the cost as a tax credit, totaling thousands of dollars. In addition, many states have other incentives if you install solar panels. For example, California has an incentive where residents who overproduce energy with their systems can sell it back to the grid. They then receive credits to use to pay their utility bills.

6. You Plan to Live in Your Home Long-Term

The cost of solar panels sometimes steers people away from them; they can sometimes cost over ten thousand dollars. But over the last five years, the cost to install in California has gone down by 45 percent. There’s also the option to finance, making the price more affordable. With the price drop, you will reach your break-even point sooner. Panels start making money on the first day, so most people break even within a decade. After that, they start making money. Panels are designed to last decades and are super low maintenance, so you’ll need to replace other parts of your home before you even need to consider replacing your panels.

7. You Plan to Sell Your House

Those looking to buy a new house want one with solar panels. Many homebuyers will dish out an extra $15,000 for a home that has a solar system. Your increased home value can offset the cost of installation, and if you sell your house immediately after installation, you will make a profit. If you sell after living with the panels long-term, you can make tens of thousands of dollars.

Time for Solar Panels

If your home has any of the qualities mentioned above, it may be time for you to consider solar panels. Solar panels significantly reduce or even eliminate your power grid usage, making them one of the most sought investments over recent years. Installing solar panels, especially if your home has the right features, provides money and energy-saving benefits.

At Sunlight Solar Inc., we provide you with solar energy to save you money and help save the environment. Call us at (858) 564-8032 or visit our website to request a quote and start your solar journey today! We can help you shape the future for a brighter and more efficient tomorrow.

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