6 Solar Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Still debating whether or not you want to make the switch to solar energy? Let’s shine a light on what a future ran by solar energy could look like. Here are 6 solar facts you probably didn’t know that might sway you towards renewable energy.

1. Every hour, almost 100,000 solar panels are installed worldwide.

That’s about 1,000 football fields worth of solar panels every day worldwide. The demand for solar panel installations is booming.

2. Air pollution is holding solar power back.

Solar energy production is higher in areas with low pollution levels because fewer air pollutants make it easier for the sun’s rays to reach the earth. Hopefully, the move to renewable energy will help the air become cleaner. Solar panels will absorb more sunlight and produce more energy creating a solar power domino effect. As we move to solar and other renewables, they will become more efficient because of the cleaner atmosphere. The cleaner air will lead to more savings and higher output from your solar installation.

3. We could power the entire earth with solar.

Solar panels covering an area the size of Spain would generate enough power for the world’s energy needs. Anywhere could be used to house that many solar panels. Think of all the rooftops, wasted spaces, and desert areas we could cover in panels. There would no longer be a need for all other renewable and non-renewable energy sources.

4. Solar panels are virtually pollution-free.

Solar PV manufacturing creates some environmental pollution because we still need to use the earth’s resources to build panels. However, solar panels don’t harm the environment once built and installed. Solar panels have no moving parts, noise pollution, emissions, and no need for fuel besides the sun’s rays.

5. Biologically contaminated or unsafe water can become drinking water with solar power.

The system is called Solar Water Disinfection (SoDis). This form of purification only works on water contaminated by bacteria or viruses, not water contaminated by industrial pollutants or chemicals. The process does not pollute the environment, and the potential for cleaning water in rural areas is huge.

6. The largest battery ever built is solar powered.

The world’s largest battery, built by Elon Musk and Tesla, is in Australia. The battery’s capacity is 100mW, and Tesla built the entire unit in 100 days. The battery can power 30,000 homes for an hour. Rumors state that someone is putting together plans to build a new solar battery in Kent that will be three times as big as the Australian solar battery.

The future is sunny for solar power as technological advances help to reduce costs, improve output, and enable easier installations of panels. Soon humans will leave behind polluting forms of energy for clean, green, renewables. When you are ready to switch to solar power, Sunlight Solar Inc. is here to help! Give us a call at (858) 564-8032, or click here for a FREE quote today!

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