4 Ways to Conserve Energy in Your Home

As the costs of energy start to skyrocket and environmental concerns continue to grow, it’s smart to start thinking about alternatives and ways you can minimize your home’s energy consumption. Luckily, there are several ways one can conserve energy and offset the amount of non-renewable energy you consume. This blog will go over 4 ways to conserve energy in your home, decrease your energy costs, and help protect the planet.

1. Harness the Power of the Sun

The best way to conserve energy in your home and protect yourself from the rising costs of energy is by using solar as an alternative energy source. Out of all of the alternative, renewable energy sources currently in place, solar is the greenest, most accessible choice. With solar energy, you will no longer have to be left under the mercy of unexpected price rises with regular electricity. Not only does it allow you to reduce your daily power consumption, but it also allows you to shrink, if not completely eliminate your electricity bills!

You’ll also be able to qualify for tax incentives thanks to its ability to reduce your carbon footprint. All homeowners are eligible for the federal solar investment tax credit, which can help lower the overall cost of installing the system. They can save up to thousands of dollars with the federal tax credit! It’s applied to a fixed percentage of the solar energy system’s total cost. In 2021, properties are eligible for a tax credit towards 26% of their system, and in 2022, a 10% credit is available only to commercial systems.

House with Solar Panels

2. Use Blinds or Shades

Instead of turning up your air conditioning, you should instead consider installing blinds or shades on your windows. Blinds and shades will help reflect the solar heat away from your home, enabling you to reduce your energy consumption on AC. The same technology goes for the colder months. The blinds/shades help retain heat, enabling you to have better climate control without the high costs or extra energy consumption.

3. Unplug Electronic Appliances That Are Not In Use

Perhaps the simplest way you can conserve energy in your home is by turning off and unplugging all household appliances that are not in use. Many people don’t know that their home appliances and electronic devices are always consuming energy, even while in standby mode. Try making a habit out of unplugging unused devices to easily reduce your household’s overall energy consumption. Little changes can make a big difference. Leaving unnecessary things plugged in is a big waste of energy in the long run. Your phone charger is a good example of a device that you probably leave plugged in too often. Even when your phone isn’t connected, it’s still drawing power. Remind everyone in the household to unplug their chargers when not in use.

Hand Unplugging Phone Charger

4. Replace Your Windows with Energy Efficient Ones

While new windows might be quite an investment for some homeowners, it’s totally worth it. Energy-efficient windows provide homes with superior insulation, allowing homeowners to significantly reduce their reliance on their HVAC system. Besides greatly reducing your energy consumption, energy-efficient windows will:

  • Provide you with better temperature control and comfort
  • Protect your furniture from UV rays, thus reducing fading
  • Reduce outside noise
  • Save money on your electric bill
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Save you money in the long run

Whether you decide to start with small steps by unplugging unused appliances in your home, or by greatly reducing your household’s energy consumption by installing solar panels and eliminating your electric bill, there are several ways you can go green. We hope this blog helped you see ways to conserve energy in your home. If you’re ready to take the big step of installing solar panels or replacing the windows of your home, Sunlight Solar can help! We are a local Southern California Solar Company with years of experience helping homeowners with affordable means to lower their electric bills and energy consumption. To get started, give us a call at (858) 360-8295 or click here to contact us today!

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